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Who We Are

LW Hospitality Advisors® (LWHA®) provides a myriad of services focused exclusively on hospitality and gaming real estate worldwide. Representative property types include hotels, resorts, gaming properties, and conference centers. LWHA® works globally with corporate, institutional, and individual clients, as well as with municipalities and governmental agencies on all facets of hospitality real estate. [button url="" value="Learn More" color=""]
“What sets LW Hospitality Advisors apart from their competitors is the teams winning combination of experience, understanding, honesty, integrity, and a complete passion for what they do. I know Dan Lesser for over 30 years since our college days and today he is a highly respected and sought after industry advisor.”

Russell Urban, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Acquisitions
Destination Hotels & Resorts

“I have had the privilege of working with Evan Weiss while he was at a previous firm and more recently at his firm LW Hospitality Advisors. LWHA are a team of hotel-focused specialists, and as our organization has continued our charge into the NYC hotel space, we can think of no better advisor and valuation expert to partner with for our projects. We look forward to continuing to work with Evan and his associates at LWHA as their ability to quickly comprehend complex hotel transactions and provide candid opinions are an invaluable resource to us.”

Shai Shamir, Managing Director
Brack Capital Real Estate

“I first began to utilize Daniel Lesser’s services for Hilton Hotels Corporation several years back with the Tarrytown Hilton Hotel. Dan had come recommended to me through various sources as one of the most notable experts in hotel valuation. Clearly, his resume convinced me of that fact. Dan has also prepared appraisals for me regarding the Waldorf Astoria, The New York Hilton & Towers, the East Brunswick Hilton, and the Short Hills Hilton. He has also aided me in my negotiations at settling the Ad Valorem tax appeal cases emanating from my representation of these hotels. His expertise in the area, as far as I am concerned, is without equal. It appears from my discussions with other experts representing municipalities that his appraisals almost always represent, in their opinion, a near 100% accurate valuation of the hotel. These other experts have yet, after several years of my negotiating with them, possessed the ability to substantively dispute any of Dan’s findings in his reports. I am very reluctant to represent any hotels without Dan at my side. Recently, questions have been raised by a member of the Board of Directors of the Hilton Hotel Corporation, concerning whether or not I am aggressively handling our cases. Quite clearly, I am very confident with these files because of Dan’s reports, and more importantly, his skills at negotiating in a forthright manner with the municipalities and their experts. I believe that I can obtain for the hotels through Dan’s efforts, substantial tax savings on those hotels that are truly over-assessed. Regarding the hotels that are substantially under-assessed, Dan and I have been quite successful in minimizing the impact of the increase in the tax assessment to the satisfaction of the hotels’ general managers and controllers. I have full confidence in bringing to him for his review, any and all hotels that I may represent throughout the country for Ad Valorem tax evaluation purposes.”

John P. Libretti, Esq., Counsel
Scarinci & Hollenbeck, LLC

“I have worked with and interacted on various projects with Dan Lesser throughout my career. Dan always offers sound advice to his clients. His perspective on the industry and how it has evolved throughout his career helps him work with clients to consider different approaches to their unique situation. Dan is a consummate professional and I look forward to the opportunity of working with him again.”

Stacy Silver, President
Silver Hospitality Group

“Dan Lesser and his associates at LW Hospitality Advisors have a proven record of success. I know firsthand as a client that this reputation is reflective of his hard work, reliability, and exceptional ability to understand and facilitate any kind of hotel study – no matter how complex or challenging.”

Paul Diamond, Executive Vice President
Tishman Realty Corp.

“Developing real estate in the global market, particularly hotel properties, is a genuine challenge. Dan Lesser is in the rarified position of being a trusted adviser and counselor to a who’s who of the lodging business. Dan is a friend who I seek out on every hotel deal I consider.”

Michael Meyer, President, TDC Development
F&T Group

“I am privileged to have worked with Dan Lesser and have turned to him for many years for his cutting edge hotel market knowledge and expertise. Not only can I say that Dan is one of most talented and sought after professionals in the hospitality industry, but he is also a dear friend who I know that I can always rely on.”

Dexter Wood, Senior Vice President, Global Head – Business & Investment Analysis
Hilton Hotels Worldwide

“I have engaged Dan Lesser many times over the years for hotel valuation and feasibility assignments. Dan’s work is always thorough and credible, and I appreciate his honesty and candor even when my opinion may differ from his. I know from experience why he is the go to guy in the business.”

Rick Frank, Chief Investment Officer
Pillar Hotels & Resorts

“Dan Lesser and I go way back, as former HVS colleagues and longtime friends. He has always been a strategic thinker whose advice and counsel are second to none. There’s no cookie cutter approach here. Dan knows that every client’s needs are unique and special.”

Rick Rogovin, Vice President - Hotel Investments
Dow Hotel Company

"LW Hospitality Advisors provides best in class valuation, advisory, and asset management services to U.S. lodging market participants. Dan Lesser and his team’s professional demeanor and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry are unparalleled. Dan’s reputation is second to none, and he is an extraordinary networker and connector of influential people. I first worked with Dan 30 years ago as a colleague then as a friend and have watched his progression through three decades as a cutting edge professional innovator in his areas of specialization. Even more, he has demonstrated consistent integrity in working with his clients and business partners and a trusted advisor. He is one of the stalwarts of the global hospitality industry.”

Thomas Arasi, President, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member
Bloomberry Resorts Corporation/Solaire Resort and Casino

“I have used Dan Lesser for many years for valuation analysis in hotel cases. He always provides a timely, well written and well researched work product and is unflappable in the courtroom. I have similar experience with his colleague, Gary Isenberg, in the field of hotel operations. He is very knowledgeable, well prepared and a very polished witness. I want this skill set on my team and always act promptly to get it so that (as happened recently) they don’t show up on the other side of a case.”

Lawrence G. McMichael, Esq., Firm Co-Chairman
Dilworth Paxson LLP

“Dan, I have attached the arbitration award which we received yesterday afternoon. Insofar as your head-to-head against Opposing Expert is concerned, the score is now Lesser 1, Opposing Expert 0. Of the $4,127,000 in damages to which Opposing Expert testified, the arbitration panel awarded the following amount: $0. This is the legal equivalent of a first round knockout by Lesser of Opposing Expert. A left hook followed by a devastating right uppercut, and on the canvas he went. Way to go Champ! This one has to go on your resume.”

Gino Bulso, Esq., Partner
Leader, Bulso & Nolan, PLC

“If you want the best in hotel valuation, and market studies, you go to an expert with a proven record of success. That’s where Dan Lesser and his team at LWHA come in. His more than 30 years of experience, knowledge, honesty, reliability, and solid work ethic cannot be beat.”

Jonathan Falik, Chief Executive Officer
JF Capital Advisors

“It has been my good fortune to know Dan Lesser as both a colleague and friend since our days together at HVS, starting when the firm was founded in the early 1980’s. Dan is the consummate professional. He is seasoned in every aspect of hotel transaction consulting, investment counseling, and valuation. His knowledge and advice have resulted in countless completed hotel transactions. He is smart, engaged, energetic, persistent, and very well-connected. You want this guy working for you and not for the other side.”

Karen Rubin, Senior Vice President – Global Development Policy and Feasibility
Starwood Resorts Worldwide Inc.

“Dan Lesser tells it like it is. Sometimes it is not what I want to hear but I am grateful for his knowledge and integrity. If you are looking for the “real answer,” Dan and his LWHA colleagues are the go to team.”

Fred Branovan, President and Chief Operating Officer
FFC Capital

"Dan Lesser is one of the leading valuation experts in our industry. His firm is extremely knowledgeable about all different asset types in the hotel space and when you couple that with the firm’s responsiveness and timeliness on delivery, they rise to the top."

Leslie Ng, Chief Investment Officer
Interstate Hotels & Resorts

“I always know that the job will be done right when I work with Dan Lesser. Dan and his teammates at LW Hospitality Advisors are super skilled and talented when it comes to formulating well supported hotel value and/or feasibility conclusions. The firm is also consistent and understands the importance of meeting deadlines in this business. They just get it.”

Bruce Davidson, Managing Director
Alvarez & Marsal Real Estate Advisory Services LLC

“Since LW Hospitality Advisors' inception, the company continues to be a highly sought-after organization for internships and post-graduation career opportunities among our most accomplished and focused hotel management majors. LW Hospitality Advisor principal Evan Weiss, one of NYU Tisch Center’s most successful alumni, has been dedicated to training and mentoring the best and brightest coming through today’s hotel degree programs. Having known Evan and Dan for 15 years, I have come to appreciate their expectation for excellence in their partnerships, new hires and for creating a culture of “can-do” for their clients.”

Dr. Donna Quadri-Felitti, Clinical Associate Professor – New York University
Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management

“I have known and respected Dan Lesser for virtually all of my 25+ years in the industry. His quarterly reports on Hotel sales activity and his analysis derived from those sales are first-rate; he is experience in all things “valuation” and has an intuitive sense of hotels and markets. More important, I have found him to be a reliable and a trustworthy man of principle, and I am proud to call him a friend."

Michael Shindler, Executive Vice President Hotel & Casinos
Hard Rock International

“I can always count on Dan Lesser for solid advice and counsel. He is an icon of the industry and the go to consultant for valuations, feasibility studies, and a wide variety of other hotel real estate matters. I value (no pun intended) my relationship with Dan and his terrific teammates at LW Hospitality Advisors.”

Ellen Brown, Executive Vice President, Acquisitions & Development
Denihan Hospitality Group

“As a former Cornell classmate, friend, and advisor I have witnessed Dan Lesser’s maturation in this great business of ours. His knowledge, experience, and professionalism are simply unparalleled, and I have always counted on his sincere advice and opinions.”

Gary Mendell, Founder and Chairman
HEI Hotels & Resorts

“I know and have relied upon Dan Lesser as a confidant and advisor since coming into the business more than 20 years ago. Dan has seen it all, and he has exceptional intuition on a myriad of hotel real estate matters. Additionally, I am appreciative of my friendship with Dan, and his trademark of always being willing to assist when called upon.”

Mark Gordon, Principal
Tribeca Associates Inc.

“I wouldn’t even think of embarking on a major project in the lodging industry without bringing in LW Hospitality Advisors. The team is comprised of experts in all areas of valuation and market analyses. Over the years, I have come to regard LWHA Principal Evan Weiss as a trusted advisor and friend who understands the nuances and strategies that are part of any successful hotel endeavor. Hands down, Evan and his team are top notch at what they do.”

Patrick McGowan, Chief Operating Officer
McGowan Builders Inc.

“I would like to thank Dan Lesser and Evan Weiss for all of their advice and guidance over the years. Their ability to analyze almost any kind of market and provide insight to us is impeccable. Hands down, they are just great at what they do.”

Rabinder Pal Singh, Senior Vice President
Hampshire Hotels & Resorts

"The experts at LWHA - Dan, Evan and Gary - have set the standard for hospitality consulting, feasibility, valuation and operational advisory. Their (collective) assertive and sharp acumen are like no other. When referring operators, developers, lenders to expert professionals, one can count on this team to be diligent, intelligent, and proactive. LWHA puts their client first and you'd want Dan's quick thinking and profound industry knowledge on your side!"

Leora Halpern Lanz, President
LHL Communications

“Dan Lesser and his team are exceptionally in-tune with the transactional market dynamics of the hospitality industry. They are trusted advisors who have never failed to deliver for us successfully and on time.”

Steve Kisielica, Principal
Lodging Capital Partners, LLC

“Deciding which hotel investment opportunities to pursue requires a great deal of preparation, research, and expertise. Dan Lesser and Evan Weiss are the folks to turn to for top-notch feasibility studies, market analysis and valuation services to make the best hotel business decisions possible."

Matthew Schreiber, Director, Acquisitions
Host Hotels & Resorts

“Those in the know, know who to turn to when they need one of the best experts in the industry: I am privileged to have worked years ago with Dan Lesser at Cushman & Wakefield, and know firsthand of his keen insights, skills, and ability to advise on all variations of hotel related matters.”

Kevin Jacobs, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Hilton Worldwide

“When analyzing many of our investment opportunities, we trust the knowledge and experience of Dan and his team at LW Hospitality Advisors to provide support and guidance to augment our underwriting. We’ve grown to appreciate and depend on their advice. ”

Thom Geshay, Senior Vice President - Business Development
Davidson Hotels and Resorts

"LW Advisors consistently goes beyond expectations in delivering not only a quality product, but also the thoughtful feedback and personal attention that is often overlooked in our fast-paced industry."

Warren De Haan, Chief Originations Officer & Managing Director
Starwood Property Trust, Inc.

“I had the pleasure to attend the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and subsequently work with Dan Lesser more than 30 years ago. His keen instincts, respect and admiration for the hospitality industry, and varied background have been an asset to me and our firm. He is a trusted advisor and friend whose wisdom I rely upon.”

Mark Rosinsky, Senior Vice President- Hotel Investments
Dow Hotel Company

“I know Dan Lesser since before he started to shave. He is a smart hotel real estate guy who I have relied upon on many occasions to either validate or disprove opportunities. Dan and his colleagues at LW Hospitality Advisors are pros at what they do.”

Marty Collins, President and Chief Executive Officer
Gatehouse Capital

"I have worked with many counselors over the years and consider Dan Lesser to be one of the most insightful and strategic advisors in the hotel business. Dan has effectively challenged our thinking and helped us better analyze our business insights and performance. I would highly recommend Dan Lesser to anyone making tough tactical decisions to grow their enterprise."

Thomas Prins, Partner
Gemstone Hotels & Resorts, LLC

"I am pleased to attach a copy of Judge Greenwood's decision in the Amadeus GML Syracuse matter. We prevailed in our motion for summary judgment. Your expert assistance was essential in obtaining the judgment. It was a pleasure working with you. Here's hoping we are able to work together again in the future."

Roger A. Raimond, Partner
Robinson Brog

“I employed Dan Lesser and his team at LW Hospitality Advisors as my valuation experts in connection with a hotly contested confirmation battle involving a chapter 11 plan of reorganization for a large hotel located on Chicago’s “Gold Coast.” They did a magnificent job preparing strong, highly literate, carefully documented, and well-reasoned appraisal reports. Moreover, Dan’s opinions glowingly passed the most rigorous of litigation “tests.” In both a lengthy deposition, and two full days of direct and cross-examination on the witness stand in bankruptcy court in Chicago, Dan’s expertise, work product, and mettle were tested by a team of some of the best trial lawyers in America. His performance as an expert witness was outstanding. The case settled before the conclusion of trial. I can confidently say, however, that the persuasiveness of Dan’s expert report and the authoritative resonance of his testimony greatly contributed to a very favorable outcome for my client. I look forward to working with Dan and his team in the future.”

Neal L. Wolf, Esq., Principal
Neal Wolf & Associates, LLC

“Gary Isenberg is a true professional by every sense of the word. He not only delivered what was promised but always looked for true win-win relationships that fostered great business that led to significant relationships. He is a gentleman and would recommend him to anyone that believes in keeping your word.”

Fred Kamel, President
Accommodations Plus International

“These guys get it! They are practical, smart, and efficient and have a deep understanding of the hospitality industry. I find them to be a pleasure to work with.”

Clifford J. Risman, Esq., Partner/Chair Hospitality Industry Team
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

“Dan Lesser is a respected advisor and consultant to a broad range of the industry for good reason; he demonstrates integrity combined with a savvy and straight forward approach with a deep network of resources throughout the business. Whether a valuation assignment or a complex restructuring, Dan and his firm bring unique qualities and aggressive follow through.”

Mark G. Carrier, President
B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Gary Isenberg while he was Vice President of Operations at Field Hotel Associates. Gary is the consummate professional, is well-versed in all aspects of hotel property management and is conversant with related hospitality industry operational issues. I would recommend Gary without hesitation to any hotel executive or owner seeking advice and assistance in these areas.”

David Rosen, Esq., Chair, Employment & Labor Practice Group
Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.

"Dan Lesser and Evan Weiss: Character and integrity, what more can I say."

Simon Ziff, President

“I have always been impressed with Dan Lesser’s knowledge and expertise which I have relied upon many times. For many years Dan was a featured speaker at our annual two day event "How to Open a Restaurant -- and Make it Last". His blunt discussion on how a restaurant’s success has little to do with food, and much to do about real estate, was thought provoking and a crowd pleaser."

Drew Nieporent, Founder
Myriad Restaurant Group

“Dan Lesser doesn’t mince words, and he doesn’t try to be your friend just to make you feel good. I have hired him on countless occasions because I know he digs deep for credible answers, feeds them straight, and tries to get you to be honest with yourself. Dan is a teacher, an initiator, and a coach all rolled into one.”

Andrew Stein, President and CEO
Makopastreet Partners, LLC

"From my association of over + 30 years with Dan and his team at LW Hospitality Advisors LLC, I would like to say that Dan is the first person on my go-to list of persons whenever I need any advice for a real estate opportunity. I have no doubt that he gives me the best advice."

Raymond N. Bickson, Managing Director
Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces

"Gary Isenberg is very knowledgeable and honest. Our company hired Gary to provide expert advice and to lead a portion of our negotiation process on a highly sensitive and complicated transaction. The transaction is still proceeding and Gary continues to be a valued resource and service provider.”

Daniel Edwards, President
Creswin Properties Inc.

“We were extremely lucky and honored to work with Gary Isenberg and LW Hospitality Advisors for our feasibility study and brand selection.”

Menahem Chukroon , Founder
Brooklyn North Capital

“Dan Lesser is a leading global authority on hotel feasibility and valuation. I have worked with Dan, competed with him, and as a client have retained his services. During the many years I have had the privilege to know Dan, he has always been a scholar and a gentleman. I also have had the good fortune to work with, and mentor Evan Weiss. Evan is a rising star in the hotel real estate sector and the perfect complement to Dan’s career.”

Mark Vollmer, Senior Director
New York Life Real Estate Investors

“Dan Lesser’s hotel valuation and advisory experience, knowledge, insight, and integrity are second to none. He is a friend and advisor that I can always count on for his frank and candid opinions. Dan and his colleagues at LW Hospitality Advisors bring this sincerity and forthrightness to the table for each and every mandate they execute.”

Dave Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer
Aimbridge Hospitality

“I have known Gary Isenberg for over 25 years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, professional and dependable. Gary's extensive hospitality experiences, coupled with his exceptional communication skills have earned him the distinction as a respected leader in our industry.”

Phil Tufano, Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Kokua Hospitality, LLC

“Gary and I worked together at Field Hotels for over 7 years and I found him to be an excellent hotel management executive with a no-nonsense approach and great integrity. Gary has extensive experience in all aspects of the Hotel industry from Sales and Marketing to Accounting, and consistently demonstrated a positive approach to team leadership. Further, during our professional relationship Gary has developed expertise in hotel capitalization and a significant experience with hotel development and construction.”

Stephen Field, President
Synergy Hospitality, Inc.

“Over the last 20 + years Dan and his teams have produced independent credible valuation services, always distinguished by uncanny insight into the relationship between statistics and industry momentum.”

Ed Rohling, CEO/Founder
The Rohling Company Hotel Advisors LLC

“Dan Lesser is widely recognized as a premiere hotel valuation expert and a thought leader in the area of property tax. I have engaged Dan’s services in connection with numerous hotel property tax matters. My clients want to win, and I know that Dan’s work is unassailable and he never falters when his opinions and conclusions are challenged.”

Frank Ferruggia Esq., Partner
McCarter & English LLP

"When you are looking for a trusted advisor, Daniel Lesser and the team at LWHA have the talent and expertise to add value. From advising and facilitating hospitality transactions to diagnosing lodging operational challenges, the firm has the depth to get things right and get things done."

Dr. Jan deRoos, Associate Professor and HVS Professor of Hotel Finance and Real Estate
Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

“Dan Lesser is a leading authority on hotel valuation, feasibility studies, and market analysis. His experiences during many years in the hospitality industry have made him a sought-after expert who when asked, I highly recommend.”

Michael Sonnabend, Managing Member
PMZ Realty Capital

“Gary Isenberg was q hotel controller when we worked together, and I have been in touch with him for the last 15 years. He is a solid, logical and critical thinker. A motivator and self-starter, who I would recommend highly, Gary manages both people and projects very well - is collaborative, responsible and committed to success."

Michelle Hayes, VP Asset Manager
FelCor Lodging Trust, Inc.

“My first encounter with Dan Lesser was more than 10 years ago when he came highly recommended and I retained him as an expert witness in connection with a landmark hotel condemnation case. Dan’s report and subsequent valuation testimony on both direct and cross examination, was thoroughly researched, well presented, and very compelling. He was the lead witness on whom our case relied, and my client ultimately recovered at its highest expectations. Other of my clients have retained Dan on subsequent matters and I would always choose to litigate a hotel matter with Dan Lesser’s involvement.”

Stephen Adler, Esq., Retired Co-Founder and Partner
Barron & Adler LLP
(Currently Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas)
Barron & Adler LLP

“I have known Dan Lesser since our college days at Cornell’s hotel school. Since then, on countless occasions, I have retained his consulting and valuation services in connection with a variety of assignments. Dan is simply the best at what he does!”

Michael A DeNicola, Chief Investment Officer and Executive Vice President
FelCor Lodging Trust, Inc.

“Dan Lesser of LW Hospitality Advisors serves as one of the founding members of our school's industry advisory board. We have consistently found his guidance to be sound, creative and beneficial. He brings years of valuable hospitality industry experience that includes background in and extensive knowledge of operations, consulting, appraisal and asset management. In Dan, we have found not only a trusted professional colleague, but a true advocate for us, as well.”

Dr. John W. O'Neill, Director
The Pennsylvania State University – School of Hospitality Management

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